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Life: ' What you need for a fulfilled life '

✍️To me, living a fulfilled life is about: Being aligned with my higher self. ... Be the creator of my life experience.

✍️Having healthy relationships - spiritually, self, and with others. Having good and healthy personal boundaries and stand in my truth. 

✍️Herewith are more ways to live a more fulfilling life be accountable for your words and actions.

✍️Accountability is the path to true accomplishment. Personal accountability is infectious and others in your life will follow suit.

✍️ Always consider the consequences of your words and actions. Not doing so can be a fast track to regret.Be disciplined in your personal and professional life.

✍️Being accountable requires discipline. Discipline is the only way to discover your best personal self: the cross section between purpose, talent and effort. Discipline leads to accomplishing goals and avoiding bad decisions.

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