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Surviving as a man may not actually be easy but this tips can help

Life is in stages, I could remember when we were kids, we've not known what life is all about. Each day that passes, we will always be fed, clothed, and given every necessary support a growing child would require.

All these parental care may continue even till one finishes secondary school. But at some point in one's life, you get to understand that you are no longer a child, that it is now time for you to wake up and start taking responsibility for your life. For adolescents, these suggestions below can help you to navigate into your future and make become useful to your family, community, and society in general.

1. Acquire a skill: These days, so many people are complaining of not having jobs. Some adults still rely on their parents. Though so many have attributed it to lack of guidance or support from their parents, or elders. But you have to tell yourself that no matter what, you want to live a better life. So some of the skills you can learn include undertaking computer training, programming, photography, tailoring, computer repair, and maintainance depending on your area of interest.

2. Engage in a part-time job: you can engage in-home tutoring, all you have to do is visit families in your environment, recommending to them the need for their wards to be actively engaged more especially in this period of school closure due to corona virus. Sell your ideas to them and thank me later.

3. Become a graphic designer: I visited a computer business center the other day and I was surprised at what I saw. I saw a very young boy, he may not be above 12 years of age designing graphics for their client. Further inquiries I made concerning the boy revealed that he has been on the job for the past 3 years. And that he is been paid on monthly basis. You too can become one, just take a step.

44. Set a goal for yourself: Without a goal or purpose, one won't have a direction as well as achieving anything. Therefore, you have to set up goals for yourself. Come up with a decision, and set up strategies towards meeting them. Each of us have intersts and ideas that ideas fascinates us. All we have to do is to put them into action.

I know sometimes, it may not be easy to make a decision. But you have to take a bold step - Step out from your comfort zone. Even if no one is motivating you, you can motivate yourself.

Success awaits you.

You can suggest other things that can help our youth and young one to succeed in life. Like, share, and comment. Your opinion will be valued. Thank you.

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