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Read how the credit score implementation will help all writers and readers positively.

I am here to share with all Opera news writers how the implementation of Credit score will help them positively.

Lately a lot of Opera news hub writers has been complaining about the credit score implementation and how it is keeping them away from posting their articles but I am here to tell you that you don't have to panic.

The implementation of credit score is for the good for both writers and writers positively.

It's really a nice idea that the Opera news hub editors implemented the credit score system and these are the ways it will help everyone,

1. It helps writers create real and relevant news and well written articles for readers (audience) at large.

2. Recently, Opera news has been full of useless post from some kinds of writers who just want to get away with clicks but the credit score system will create fear in them not to post irrelevant articles.

3. It will make all verified creators a better writer as they will always want to create good articles so as for their articles not to be rejected.

4. It will reduce too much traffic on the platform. As you notice, in recent time, articles pend for too long. It's due to too much traffic.

5. Some unqualified writers will be forced to leave the platform since they can't create a good article for the audience.

6. Engagement of posts will soon start increasing since the traffic on the platform will reduce.

7. The number of irrelevant articles will be drastically reduced to the minimal.

With time, you will perfectly understand why it's the best idea.

There are many more ways it will help all writer if you think about it very well.

Don't forget to share and comment your own opinion about this.

Content created and supplied by: BuzzNigeria (via Opera News )



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