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There is no Illiterate Person

There is no illiterate person in this world. Show me an illiterate person and I will show you what they know which can add value to your lives. Some women who are known to be illiterate can cook delicious meal and keep their house clean which someone who knows how to speak English fluently can’t do.

Someone who can’t speak correct English may solve Mathematics Question. If you can’t sing, you can dance, go closer to that person you think is an illiterate and you will be glad to see that he/she is full of great potential that needs proper education or enlightenment.

Before you call someone an illiterate, have you given him/her a chance to do what he/she is good at and they fail? If you remove letter I from ILLITERATE you will have LITERATE. Every person has all it takes to be rich and educated. God did not create any human being without depositing something in him.

God has never created Slave but men became slaves for their lack of knowledge. Many people you called illiterate in this Country are in Power, some of them became Entrepreneur in Business because they make use of their opportunities and employed graduates who would work with them in making their Dreams comes true and more educative. 

Check yourself, what are you good at? Develop yourself in it and your dreams shall come true.


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Thanks and God bless.

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Illiterate LITERATE


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