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Important things every job seeker should know

When it comes to job so many Nigeria graduate are looking for one place to another to find out the best job that is suitable for their course.

Here I will love to tell you important things you should know as a job seeker, getting a job in Nigeria is not as easy as that, but they is something you should know that will make you to get what you are looking for very quickly as a graduate.

1. Take God as the final controversy of your life. When you become a graduate that is where life start from, you will face alot of challenges, defferent things may come into your way, but if you take God as the final controversy of your life, your life we be good and you need to realize that before going out to look for job pray very well invite the angel of God to follow you.

2. Don't compare yourself with other people that do not have job. If your friend or your course mate do not get a job that doesn't mean you we now get as well, you must have it at the back of your mind that you would make that you we never give up. If you were called for and interview try to be punctual.

3. Finally do not mingle with a friend that doesn't deserve your good or that do not tell you what you want. When you started experience temptations that is where you know who truly loves you, you may face defferent kind of ideas but don't give up keep trying till you succeed.Don't forget to like share this my article.

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