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Secrets of Becoming Rich

Why some people wonder why they are still in their present situation, some people are making it out. Unknowingly to some people, the Rich have some peculiarities in their lifestyle and behaviours.

This article is enriched with some of these qualities and habits you can also imbibe that can turn your life around for good.

The habits are discussed below;

1. Procastination

Procastination is the major enemy of man. Many people are born to be great, some with different endowment for greatness, yet still striving to maintain a lifestyle below average.

How does still sets in?

People usually assume they have a time of convenience, hence they tend to postpone things to the presumed convenient time, even without knowing that no time is convenient to get things done.

For instance, some people do feel that the right time for them to get marry is when they have achieve some certain luxury of life.

This may not be possible without getting married sometimes. That is why a typical Yoruba adage says "a man that says he will only get marry when he has 6 agbada outfits is not going to achieve it, because before he gets five of the outfits, one has already turn rag"

Do not leave any stone for another year unturned. Make-Hay while the sunshine. Do what is necessary without leaving for another day unrealistic.

How can you apply this to your life?

Think of what you need to get done that you feel it is not the right time to take steps on. Write them down, start something on it immediately with the little you have. Remember a journey of ten thousand miles will definitely start with a step forward. Make sure you are moving forward.

2. Set your goals

Make sure you always set goals before embarking fully on anything and ensure you keep your eye if not eyes on the target. You must set a target that must be met within a stipulated time. A man without vision can never progress.

So for you to move forward at a high pace, you must take certain goals as a priority in everything you try to do so as not to deviate from the core values.

How can you apply this?

For every business, ideas and foresight you have, draw out a blueprint of your targets and set your goals. Classify your goals into Primary and Secondary goals. Write them in order of preference and work towards them.

3. Go for Failure and Reach for Success

To make it in life, you must not avoid to fail. You need to realize that lies at the end of every failure is success. Many people always avoid to fail, not knowing that without failure there is no success. The more you run quickly into failure the more you run quickly to success.

See failure as something you need to pass through, something you need to overcome to reach success. Success lies on the foot of D which can not be reached without going through failures in A, B, and C.

How can you apply this?

Write than your fears about that certain things you wish to engage in. Put down the most shocking occurrence that might occur and devise a way to absorb the shock to its minimal level if it eventually happen.

4. Time management

Learn how to make use of time to your advantage. Always be time conscious. Don't waste time on anything you know it's not necessary. Treat your time like money, moreover, it is money.

How can you apply this to your life?

Set time frame for all your Programmes and embarkment. Put down everything you wish to achieve and set time frame with it. Make sure to try as much as possible to make everything a success before the time lapse

5. Be moderate

Always try to be moderate in anything you do. Do not overdo. Do everything moderately. Spend and manage resources moderately and wisely. Always endeavour to avoid wastage as much as you can. This is one of the major attributes of the Rich, imitate it.

How can you apply this to your life?

Think of what you have written to be done with the cost and expenses allocated to them. Try to cut down the cost for moderation.

6. Work More

In order to be more successful than others, you need to work more than others. This is to say that you have to work more. Increase your working and productivity time. Make sure you work harder to achieve more giant strides. Hardwork pays and the price is huge.

How can you apply this?

Add more working time to your work time. If you have been working for 30 hours per week before, try extending it to about 42 to 50 hours per week. Ensure those hours are productive and not just hours.

7. Be prayerful

Lastly, be prayerful. With God, all things are possible. Pray along your work. God intervention makes everything easier than expected. May God give you the strength to attain that giant strides of your dream.

Better Life, it is achievable!

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