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Discovering your passion

Passion is a feeling of enthusiasm about something. Passion is doing what you love and loving what you do. A lot of people find themselves doing a which they feel lazy about doing. Your passion in life should be of great discovery about yourself.

If you find yourself in a situation doing what you don't appreciate ask yourself "is this your passion", will you want to spend the rest of your life doing this? If you keep doing something and you can't find progress in it doesn't mean you don't know how to do it, it could be that you just don't have passion for what you are doing. In such a situation you don't have to quit, you should figure out what your passion is and develop yourself. You can have two jobs you do to keep you busy and increase your earnings.

Here are alternative ways you can discover what your most passionate about:

1. Study yourself: think about what you can do, ask yourself some questions, you can do this by making a list of them. Think diligently, make a long list of the creative things you really know how to do.

2. Selection: after making a long list of creative ideas you know how to do best, you tick out what you really love doing. Select the one's that you find pleasure in doing.

3. Test yourself: the next step is to ask yourself how far do you really love your selected ideas, how many hours can you spend in doing them, do you sacrifice your time and leisure for it, are you willing to make the sacrifice, do you find pleasure in it, are you really good in it.

4. scale of preference: after testing yourself, there should be a decrease in the list of ideas that you consider to be your flair. Next is to prioritize them in the order of preference.

5. Developing yourself: everything is about critical thinking. Your top priority is where your passion lies. You can develop yourself by reading more about your area of concentration, research more about it, do not elude it from your mind.

If after you have finally realized what your passion is then all you have to do is putting it into practice, practice makes perfect. Doing what you love derives joy and happiness and you can make a good career from it and earn lots of income from it.

I hope you had a great time while reading this article, hope to have you again. Please share and comment.

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