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Even With Lots of Rejected Article, Here's Why You Shouldn't Give Up As An Opera Hub Writer

I really do understand how it feels,after spending hours writing it then finally get rejected,sometimes they are right most of the times their reason doesn't feel right,i have over 10 rejected articles still I didn't give up . Even though I was banned from posting till After three days.,because my Score was really low.

But definitely I didn't give up ,As we all know nothing comes easy, so I started writing based on research and pretty good studying, I majorly studied other post just by simply studying the way the wrote their heading, paragraphing.

Sincerely I have really low clicks,but deep down reading others people's Article bragging about their High and thousands of clicks that didn't make me feel bad instead it just made me stronger and more determined.

If you know you are really want to be successful as a verified writer,it doesn't come easy as we all know nothing is perfect

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