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5 tips on how to stay productive

The truth is, learning how to be productive on a consistent basis is a skill on its ownProductivity was a challenge for me and I know that many people are also struggling to stay productive. Being productive goes beyond your love and passion for a thing. It might be easy to show up for the first few months but what happens after that?

5 tips on how to stay productive

1. Resolution

This one is different from the new year resolution you know about. it was a decision you make for yourself before starting anything. It is a decision you should often make before embark on a project. This is one thing every person that wants to be productive needs to do. Make a resolution and stay true to it. Speak to yourself, reposition your mind, decide to be disciplined. If you do all these, the journey to being productive just got easy

2. No idea is trash, write them down

I don’t bother to try to fine-tune ideas in my head. As soon as they drop, I write them down. Many ideas that do not seem like they can work at first end up becoming ideas that work best. Most times, things that we laugh at because they seem ridiculous are the things that end up working well. But we find out too late when someone else is already working on them. No matter how funny your ideas can seem at first, write them down. Make sure you revisit and then fine tune the ideas to make them work.

3. Plan

If you want to stay productive, you’ll also have to set Goals and make plans. Never leave things to chances. Determine what you want your week to look like, set deadlines, and make sure you cross out all everything on your to-do list daily. Zone out distractions when it is time to work and you’ll double your productivity.

4. Eat and rest well

This point cannot be overemphasized. people tend to over look this point but it very important to your level of productivity. its so important that you have people who when they have not eaten they cant think straight. you would be surprised of your outcome when you eat and rest well before work. My advice to you, don’t joke with food. You need the nutrients. Rest well too, it is refreshing

5. Reward yourself

No matter how little it might be, make sure you do something for yourself every time you meet a target. It serves as motivation and it makes you want to do more. As little as sharwama and a bottle of drink. Do something for yourself. It has worked for people and it should work for you too.

Finally, I’ll like to say that this is just 5 out of the things can consistently help you to be productive. wake up early and try to be accountable to someone. keep discovering new things daily and practice them. I’ll advise that you also take time to find what works for you and don’t stop doing them. I believe 2020 is not over for us so I’ll say cheers to increased productivity.

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