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Why this is the best and fastest way to get a Job in 2020 (opinion)

A lot of people have been impacted career wise because of the massive layoff of the coronavirus pandemic and this has created a lot more competition for the best jobs between very qualified and experienced people, this is why it is very essential that you up your game in the job searching skill.

In a survey carried out, 1 out of 5 people got their jobs through social media, but a whooping 2.9 out of 5 got their Jobs from personal contact, and this is due to the fact that the best jobs out there are not even advertised in social media or outsourced through recruitment agencies, these organisations look for people they can trust to reference a qualified candidate for them. Now you might be the type of person who thinks "Oh, but i don't know anyone with connections, or I'm from a poor family, I don't have any rich uncles" that is very unnecessary, because in life it turns out that most of the people who help you get far and push you up are not necessarily related to you. For example, I got my current job through a church member i barely knew who was laden with the responsibility of finding a personal assistant for his superior. This firm did not advertise the role on the internet, it was pure networking that got me that job because that was my 3rd time attending the church and I was still getting to know them all, we were chatting and the career conversation popped up and that was it. I was asked to come for an interview in the formal way, and even though a connection got me through the door, my skills and capability allowed me to stay in the building.

How do you form connections with people?

Join professional organisations, associations or clubs related to what you studied or the career you are interested in, there are even clubs that give slots and scholarships to their members, you just have to go online and search for the ones close to you that you can join.

Form meaningful relationships with the people you meet in these places, I'm not talking about making acquaintances, but a relationship with depth, you might think this is difficult, but it's better than sitting at home staring at your phone waiting for an email that never comes. Join a volunteering association, these associations will help you to meet different sorts of people who might just be the push you need on your career path, some of them might not necessarily reccomend you to an employer, but the lessons and exposure you'd get will help the next person to definitely reccomend you. Life is about forming connections, everything is interconnected in their own way and everything inadvertently affects each other to give balance, but don't just expect these opportunities to fall in your lap without working for them and developing the skills necessary to apply when you finally get what you want.

Get professional courses, apply to volunteer in organisations as an intern, and that might just be a foot in the door you need to grow career wise. Invest in yourself, and grow, and the future you will thank you. Mind you, this is just my opinion, and just because it worked for me doesn't mean that is how everybody will get their jobs, applying online is still very much a reasonable approach, my point is, don't just restrict yourself to the internet, typing behind your keyboard and complaining that these employers already know who they will give the jobs to, and that interviews are just a formality. Make a move now.

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