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7 lessons you can learn from Hushpuppi's mistakes

Life is a threat, people say, but not all risks are worth the risk. The only risk you need to take in life is not to hurt others. In any case, stealing someone is a curse, and God is against it. One of the 10 commandments of the Bible tells us not to give anything to others. 7 lessons to learn from Hushpuppy, the killer on Instagram.

1. Only artisans pay and bring comfort with age. If you know you will be in a comfort zone, there is no shortcut to any comfort zone; you would get sweat.

2. Patience is not a way to fail. If you have enough patience to reach your goal, you will reach it on time.

3. Never allow your friends to push you too hard. If you do the Lord's purpose with you, you will surely dance like Pharaoh.

4. Follow the steps until tomorrow. Did you know that every step of life comes to mind? The mind is a battlefield for all people. The results of the plans and results will be in the beginning. The mind will inform you of the consequences of any evil or good plan before proceeding.

5. Eat with the people we help in your life, not with those who destroy it.

6. Never compete with anyone. Life is not a competition. It is a race and everyone must be big enough to win a crown. If you do not pay attention, there will be serious problems.

7. Make a personal choice! You heard me right. There is nothing comparable to privacy. This gives you comfort and protects your head from danger.

Live a good life and gain a good reputation for yourself and your family.

May God protect your honor and honor you. Amen.

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