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The middle class, the struggle and the reconstruction of the Nigerian dream.

A lot of people are clamouring about restructuring, restructuring cannot be effective without the inclusion of the middle class.

The middle class are facing a lot of problems which includes:

The middle class in Nigeria have not been given room to explore and uncover ideas that will create wealth.

The economy of the country is collapsing I think its about time the middle class are provided with an enabling environment to create wealth.

The middle class are underutilized, they are not put into right use.

They are not put into the position to use their talents and technical no how which is part of the restricturing process which everybody is talking about.

Capacity utilisation, they are being used lower than their capacity which leads to unemployment for example the super eagles of Nigeria.

The middle class are not given incentives that will enhance productivity.

The middle class are not given a good health care delivery system that will take care of the middle class not to talk of the low earning group.

They don't have exposure to global technologies for easy progress and development which includes seminars and workshops.

They are not paid on time.

The solutions to these problems are as follows:

There should be rightful placement in government and governance.

Deployment of incentives and aids for effective productivity.

Recognition /acknowledgement of the invaluable assets of the middle class.

Harmonization of the invaluable talents & assets for optimal utilisation.

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