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10 Things It's Better To Stop Doing If You Want To Be Richer

Everyone find their own way to wealth. Some people were insightful enough to buy Bitcoin when 1 BTC was equal to $1, others work a lot. People who are permanently wealthy have something in common. However, both those who sometimes get lucky and those who work a lot make mistakes, so they can't really save money.

Researchers "Tom Corley" is interested in the habit of rich people and those who don't have for 5 years and made interesting conclusions.

Today, this post will tell you about 10 things you should stop doing if you want to be wealthier. And the bonus at the end of the article will help you make an important decision that many people have difficulties with.Bonus: How to find your passion

After "Tom Corley" studied the habits of rich people, he came to a conclusion. They are successful because they first did something that truly liked and then turned it into a source of income. If you are still looking for your vocation, here is a plan of action.

1). Make a list of things you enjoy doing. Highlight those that require some skill from you.

2). Now highlight 10 things you love doing more than others. Evaluate them on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 stands for an activity you don't just like but which makes you happy.

3). After that, evaluate the same 10 activities in terms of potential income. For example, calculate how many scarfs you can knit in one month, and count how much money you can earn for selling them.

4). Finally, add the scores for each task. The ones that got the highest points should be the goals of your life.

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