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Gratitude; A Heart That Attracts Prosperity

It's good to have a heart of gratitude no matter how small. A heart of gratitude has a tremendous impact on quality of life you lead. Gratitude is one of the overlooked ways to attract abundance to your life. A heart of gratitude is like gold and have a level of contentment to bring more into their lives. A heart of gratitude with what you have in your hands makes you more blessed than you ever think, opening doors for more greater things ahead. It's a sign that you will be better off with more in the future as you manage the little in your hands currently. A heart of gratitude never compares with anyone but always contented with what they have and where they are currently and are positive of moving to their greater height at the appropriate time. When you compare, you destroy the capacity to see the great things in you and what life has to offer you in the near future. A heart of gratitude gives you reason to appreciate every little thing that adds or subtract from your life. The lesson learned, experience acquired either good or bad and many more. A heart of gratitude makes you appreciate everyone no matter how small or great, poor or rich and many more. It gives you the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective totally.

You need to be grateful even if things are bad, the business is not moving well, plans not going as you think but when you are grateful, you are totally seeing things from the positive side. No matter how terrible your situation is, or wonderful your circumstances is, have a heart of gratitude to attract more. Having a heart of gratitude is about staying optmistic, being positive and emotionally stable. Gratitude is feeling thankful. It's a heart of appreciation that attracts more, makes you live in abundance in the longer time than you think. It connects your mind to what makes you believe you can turn from being poor to being rich. A heart that lacks gratitude has been emotionally deprived and starved of good things and will always struggle financially. A heart of gratitude is thankful for everything around you. Being grateful is being grateful for what is beyond human understanding and capacity to make God the greater source and draw more. Its a heart of gratitude that attracts blessing, long life and meaningful reasons to life. A heart of gratitude can be developed and can be inherited by attracting positive things to themselves.

Taking your pen and note to list things that you are grateful for and how satisfied you are with what you have achieved, where you are currently and hope to see yourself in couple of years to come. Open your mind to see the world differently with opportunities wasted or managed properly, money wasted to correct your errors or money managed properly to attract more. It transforms you into that person who deserves more and draw good things to you like the long awaited breakthrough you dream of in business, career, finance, family and many more.

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