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How to find the balance; Talent, Passion, and Career

A life lived without happiness is a life full of frustration, depression and dissatisfaction. It is not a life well lived at all. Thus, all human beings are striving to find ways to live happier lives, to find the source of all life’s joy, happiness and peace. All true happiness in life comes from finding the way to put all of its elements in a state of equilibrium/balance.

A few years ago, I found myself at a crossroad in life trying to discover its purpose. I was unable to find the balance between my talents, my passion and what career path to tread. Life at that point was as difficult as it could be. And until I was able to put a handle on all of these elements and discover what a truly balanced life really was, only then was I able to truly make the best out of life.

It might seem difficult to accomplish especially at the phase of life when we find ourselves as young adults faced with a myriad of alternatives and not knowing which way to go or what steps to take. But even as we are faced with a barrage of questions, in the following article I would be putting forth key life changing steps that would help every young person who finds themselves caught at this crossroad to truly find balance;

• Find your own voice

Each and every one on the surface of this earth has a voice of their own. And with it comes the ability to speak. Your voice is at the center of your talents, your passion and a unique need in the world which needs to be fulfilled. Everyone who has found the balance in life has been able to discover their voice and fine tune it to the point where they are able to reach the world with clarity.

• Identifying a unique need

The balance of life is found at the center of your gifts, talents, passion and a pressing need in the world that needs to be fulfilled. Life’s true purpose is in finding in a need in the world and meeting that need. The 21st century entrepreneur is a problem solver who is able to identify challenges and problems in the world and provide unique solutions based on available skill set.

• Believe in Yourself

Nobody will truly believe in you until you have first been able to find the courage to believe in yourself. You are your own biggest motivation. Having discovered what your talents are, it is imperative to believe that the world really requires that gift for which you were born. “Nobody can do what you can do in exactly the same way that you can do it” and that is your biggest selling point. There might be stages while you are developing yourself that you might face doubts and times of unbelief, but keep on working at it and then when the opportunity comes you would totally have prepared to take it. 

• Finding true balance

It is often said that; “Do what you are passionate about and you will never have to work a day in your life”. To live a life that is truly purposeful, you have to be passionate about what you’re doing. All of life’s energy when focused on a passionate cause, produces the best results. Passion is what keeps you going when all else fails, it is why you keep going even in the face of impending doubts and negativities. It is what inspires you to keep pushing to be the best at what you do. Talent in itself is never enough, it has to be backed up with a requisite amount of passion that pushes you to give your all. But even passion is not all that you need because blind passion in the face of glaring reality might lead to mistakes so it is important that in finding true balance, priorities have to be set straight. Pursue whatever is important per time. Nothing can be achieved without education so its place in attainment of purpose cannot be overemphasized. 

• Become the best that you can be

“Only the best is good enough to really change the world”. That is the mindset with which life must be lived. The best opportunities come only to those who are truly prepared for them. To become truly prepared requires a deliberate effort behind the scenes at getting better and becoming the best. The world is littered with examples of individuals who have become the best in their chosen fields but seldom would you read the stories of such individuals without discovering a period of incubation; a period of self development with a strong desire to become the best. Work hard at your dreams, develop your gifts and talents with a deliberate desire to reach the world with your skills and the opportunities will come.

In conclusion, we are faced with very similar challenges as young people; a desire to succeed, to excel, to make the best of opportunities available, to find balance in life, to find fulfillment in life etc. At face value, these challenges seem numerous and almost insurmountable but with the right amount of physical application, mental development and a desire to succeed, all these goals can be achieved. “Finding balance is possible, you just need to put things on the right scale.” 

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