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5 things you need to achieve before the age of 30.

5 things you need to achieve before the age of 30.

This article is not to propel you into mischievous acts or bad business if you haven't fulfilled all the things we listed, but we are here to let you know as a young man there are some things you need to have acquired before you clock the age of 30.

Many of us aren't born with sliver spoons, so we may find it difficult to make it in life, but am sorry to tell you that's not an excuse for you to fail at what you to.

You need to man up and start amming8life changing decisions, at the age of 18 you are no longer a child you have crossed the bridge that links childhood and adulthood.

However, we have listed 5 things that you need to achieve before the age of 30, please read carefully to avoid misinterpretation.

1. Owning a business - You will be suprised added owning a business, yes you need to have a business of your own, where you can earn enough revenue to cater for yourself and your family, that's why you need to start working hard from now.

2. Get an apartment - You can be at 30 and still be living with your parents it's a shame to you, even if you can afford an apartment make sure you are squatting with a friend, have goals.

3. Start paying all your bills - It wouldn't make sense if you 30 and you father still clothes you, this thing don't count, but the day you start to fend for yourself your father will start seeing you as a man from that day.

4. Marriage - If not for other important factors, you need to get married at by the age of 30, for women it is advisable for them to get married by the age of 25 but men can still wait till 28,once you are all set and living fine get married.

5. Investments - Investments shouldn't come as a surprise, these are what builds up your future, whatever little money you make now, save and invest for the future, don't waste your money on unnecessary things because you will later come back to suffer for it.

Lastly, please listen to your parents, don't belittle them no matter the position they are, because they play a great role in your success.

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