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10 kinds of people that can't succeed. No. 2 is very common

Before I begin, I want to say that many people can’t really experience true success in life basically because their idea of success is either myopic or altogether faulty. Lack of proper positioning for success has denied majority of people from tasting its sweetness. Success connotes total wellbeing, satisfactory achievement, progressive accomplishments, outstanding performance, prosperity, fulfillment, etc. But there are many kinds of people who can’t succeed because of some perceptions and I will be using this to tell you the kinds of people that can’t succeed.

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So let us begin

1. The first kind of people that can’t succeed are people that are scared of failing. They have the mindset of ‘what if it doesn’t work?’ This seems reasonable, but do you know that only risk takers become success takers. These kind of people have forgotten that only daring people became glaring in life. Successful people succeed not because they are lucky but because they don’t avoid failures. 

2. The next group are those who despise little beginnings. They always want to start ‘big’ and from the top. Kindly note that only the journey to the grave starts from top to bottom. That is why such people’s visions end up being buried in the grave. People who don’t want to do small things often die small. Perfect conditions don’t exist in this world. There are days of small things before a lifetime of greatness.

3. The next set of people who can’t succeed are people who don’t want to learn anything new. They are stuck with past knowledge which in the face of this current challenges and realities is ignorance. They are destroyed for lack of current knowledge. These individuals are limited in knowledge, understanding, perspectives, experience, expertise and skills. How successful anyone becomes is often determined by how knowledgeable they are. Fact is praying for knowledge is not the same as pursuing it. 

4. These ones I am about to talk about are people who don’t want to do anything for anyone. They feel cheated and feel like losers when they have to serve other people’s interests. They forget that it is in doing things for others that one gets blessed.

5. Another kind of people that can’t succeed are people who have negative attitudes to life. They are usually moody, critical, tired, unexcited, complaining and myopic among many other negative attitudes. Successful people possess a joyful attitude.

6. Another feature of people who can’t succeed are people who are proud. Proud people overrate and have an over bloated estimation of themselves. They are arrogant, unapproachable, selfish, naughty, haughty, cocky and high-minded.

7. People who are mentally and physically lazy can’t succeed. Success is not the heritage of the indolent. They may have ideas but are often unwilling to give it the required sweat and hard work.

8. The next set of people who can’t succeed are people who carry on with too many things at a time without actually succeeding at any. They are denied by distraction. They drift through life because of their lack of focus. They are not tenacious about any task.

The last two are very important to take note of;

9. People who lack vision and passion. They don’t live like they are on a mission. They are without definite purpose, dream and drive. That is how they approach career, business, marriage and indeed everything they do.

10. And lastly are people who quit at the least provocation. They lack fortitude and endurance. They can’t wait long enough for their seed (if any) to germinate and bear fruit. They are always in a hurry to achieve and arrive, that’s why they fail to achieve much.

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