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Man writes Letter to Corp Members on Their Passing Out Parrade. Read.

A Facebook user has written an open letter to his friends who are having their POP today. He wrote them on life after service year and lot more.

He wrote:


Dear friend,

To face reality after school is, of course, a difficulty that has crown many of us ''the lazy ones". This apart, the question " what is next?" has on many occasions depressed young school leavers, particularly the one that has just finished serving. See, let me tell you; days after passing out parade would often open your eyes to realities of many things.

Among innovative reality that tends to shock you is, what people called labour market is not about Dy or Dx. To find x if 2=1 will not be the case after this time out. 

Yes, you jubilated for having A in Industrial Organisation principle, infact, you once jumped up as a best graduating students of your SET while in school; you see, if you carry this mentality up and down without relearning the principles of the LABOUR MARKET, it won't be an interesting story after this time out. You know why? 

The why is, the available resources (JOB) is limited. As limited as it is, it's still not available. So more often, it's almost-always survival of the fittest. And sometimes in most instances, the fittest is sidelined if its WHOM/WHO YOU KNOW.

My friend, as an optimistic individual, who God has helped to this stage, as scare as job is, as competitive as job is in the country we are, you can still find something doing.

 In all, whatever your hands find doing after this time out, please, I beg you, do it well. 

Also, don't see any offer as SMALL. Bear this at the back of your mind that we have limited available resources.  

Congratulations to you, on your Passing Out Parade

Emi Ni Seyi David Oke

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