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Interview hacks:how to easily get a job in Nigeria without the interviewer been able to resist you

Before reading this you might have been to interviews or planning to.

Well I assure you that you are in the right place to get the knowledge on how to easily get the trust of your interviewer and get the job.

Alot of people have already given up that in a country like Nigeria,jobs are gotten by corruptions or bribe.Well am not doubting it but also most people have also ignored common things that would make them disapproved immediately they step into the interviewers office.

1.Before getting face to face with the interviewer, I want you to know that it is also a critical moment for him as well as it is for you. Because if he selects you and you are right for the job the company will make profits and progress but if he selects you and you are not right for the job the company will loose money ,get a bad name and go down.

So u have to make him see you as a person who is right for it.

2.Your manners: do you know that good manners are also essential in an interview?,do you mind the way you talk when your interviewer playfully gets off the main subject of discussion?

Well you should because he is trained for that which he has been instructed to do.

3.The first you should always do is to never forget to close the door behind you properly.

4.Do not drag your seat instead carry it politely if it requires you to do so.

5.Make sure you have a nice bath,no matter what do not go into your interviewer's office with a bad odor.

6.Mouth odor and garlics:are you the type who likes garlic,sure doing away with it for 24 hours can do you no harm if you really need the job you would abstain.

Make sure you never have a bad breath brush your mouth very well and also scrub your tongue. Give it your very best.

7.Avoid smoking :It is naturally a bad habit and no sane interviewer would like to employ you into his company when he knows you are a smoker even he does same he himself knows it's disadvantages.

8.Please do well to appear neat with a clean haircut and ironed clothes. Avoid putting on rumpled clothes to an interview.

9.Do you know that in a room where you are face to face with someone even a nice smell sometimes turns bad and every smell is noticeable. Smoke do smell in clothes just if you do smoke and ignore it.

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