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To Become Rich, Do The Following

To become rich is the goal of a lot of people. Most people go through life thinking up ways on how to make money, it is quite funny but some sleep with the same thoughts. For others, becoming rich is obsessive. They conjure up various means to get rich, some legal, others not so much. Social status has mostly affect how we think, act and behave. Almost everyone wants to be associated or perceived as been 'well off', often times living above our means just to present a larger than life persona to the outside world. "If Kunle has this, it is pertinent i get it too."

This is obviously not an healthy way of looking at things. Because the first rule of becoming rich is to be FRUGAL. To spend money for the sake of it is well, foolish. The more money you spend, the less money you have. That's just economics! Rich people tend to not overspend, a lot of their money goes into calculated investment on how they could double or even triple their earnings.

Another habit one develops in order to become rich is to SLEEP less. Some people wastes a lot of their lives by sleeping. They assume it is healthy to sleep for hours but that is just bogus. The real rich men and women of this world actually sleep less. There is too much to accomplish than to simply just sleep in. Thomas Corley in his book - Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, revealed that 44% of wealthy people wake up three hours before work starts, compared to only 3% of poor people.

TIME! Some of you may laugh at these steps to becoming rich but in reality they are actually proven. Time wasting especially on non productive things is to the wealthy, money lost. The focus is on how to spend every hour of the day making money. While some people are quite content with weekly, monthly or even yearly financial planning, the real rich people adheres to such strict hour based financial planning.

SETTING GOALS is what most people take for granted, but to the rich it is an important part of staying rich. Setting goals and more importantly, writing them down is actually very productive.

Some of these guides are just routine that if adhered to strictly will yield results in the long run. That is why EXERCISING regularly is another sure step to becoming rich. The rich find time in their busy schedule to work-out at least four days in a week as reported by Corley. 76% of wealthy people do aerobic exercise more than four times in a week compared to 23% of poor people.

LUNCH especially a long one is important to refresh oneself and rich people certainly knows how to relax by working smarter and not harder. Taking longer lunches is energizing and puts one in a great stead for when they get back to work to accomplish a more productive shift.

RISK TAKING. Some of us go through life not prepared to take any kind of risk whatsoever. There are those only up for playing it safe. But in truth, calculated risks leads to reward. This is highly recognized by the rich and they understand the gains to be made from going out on a limb for most of the time.

NETWORKING is another very important step in becoming rich. That is why rich people surrounds themselves with equally rich people and intellects who have similar goals and drive as that is crucial for a sustained success.

CHARITY. It pays to give as is encouraged in the good book. Giving is more rewarding than receiving. Jesus himself said so in Acts 20:35. Charity and philanthropy are hallmarks of the rich as can be seen by the likes of Aliko Dangote and Bill Gates.

LESS TELEVISION is another way by which rich people stay rich. They find other productive and enriching ways to spend their time rather than stay glued to a box watching other people's lives for a majority of the day.

GAMBLING. We make our own luck is a mantra most often used by the rich. Rich people hardly believe in luck. It is no surprise then that only 6% of rich people play the lottery, compared to 77% of poor people.

These are easy enough steps that most of us will scuff at, but it certainly won't cost you a dime. So why not give them a try and see rich changes happening in your life.

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