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Having Good Ideas Won't Make You Rich. Your Ability To Execute Them Is The Key.

Having the world’s best idea will do you no good unless you act on it. People who want milk shouldn’t

sit on a stool in the middle of the field in hopes that a cow will back up to them.~ Curtis Grant

If you haven't heard before now, here it is: It's Never the IDEA, Its always the EXECUTION. Most of what we see in the world today, are really representations of our mental capacity; the capacity to think up ideas, and bring them to life with proper execution. In other words, without the ability to bring the abstract into a physical tangible product, it remains in the realm of nothingness. In truth, the world doesn't care how great your idea is ~ the greatest mental product can do nothing for nobody, no matter how good you think it can be.

The solution therefore, is to work on effective ways to executive ideas ~ that is, spend less time thinking, and spend more time working your ideas to perfection. You should be Execution oriented whilst brainstorming strategies for proper execution. Hence there is a need to develop our skill in the said direction. In the world we rapidly meet objectives and achieve success with every idea as soon as we come up with them. The best reality therefore is having a good strategy combined with execution will bring forth the best result. Here are some qualities that ensure proper execution

1. Being able to communicate effectively

One skill integral to success at any level, is having good communication skills. So many people lack simple communication skills and this can act as barrier to getting the desired results. How can one translate an idea to a physical equivalent if they can't get across the intended product or result they desire to who needs to get it done? It is nearly impossible to exceed the level of how good you are at passing your ideas down to those that need to follow through on them, therefore you must be able to create a clear understanding of tasks, ideas and values so people can act with definiteness on them.

2. Vivid Image of what you want

According to Napoleon Hill, one good idea can change your life forever. But for these ideas to be possible work on, they must have the quality of being clear, and unambiguous. You must have a vivid image of what you want, the specifics of what you want, hand how you want it done. Without clearness, there's a chance that you might miss the mark with the outcome of your efforts, so we cannot overemphasize the importance of knowing with certainty what it is you want.

3. Set a good strategy for execution

One can't exist without the other as far as proper execution is concerned. We must endeavor to set plans that enable us carry out our ideas with efficiency. You must know what to do, or at least know how to go about doing what needs to be done; it requires sound reasoning to get thoroughly through vague concepts that may produce less than stellar outcomes. Strategies are also about framework and methods, it should encompass questions such as:

What you aim to achieve, the steps you will take to get there, what framework will you use to get there.

4. Flexibility

One attribute of a good strategy is flexibility. Adapting new and better ways to bring your vision to life is an important component ~ if you must produce the desire outcome. So many ideas fail for not being flexible enough. The reality of every task ~ is a strong possibility to encounter obstacles along the way, this obstacles force us to be better or we fall short of the mark.

5. Work and analyze your progress from time to time

To ascertain the progress you have made, then must analyze the result you attained from time to time, to ensure you're on track to get to point you wish to get to. Never be so complacent as to neglect the fact that ~ without feedback, you may not know accurately if you're headed in the right direction in terms of what you want to achieve. With a clear picture in mind, you must analyze how well you are on your way to executing the idea properly.

6. Set a time limit

An advantage of having a time limit is that it gives you a deadline to focus on for completion of the task. With too much time on our hands, we may joggle between ideas and task; consequently, we may get discouraged in continue on project just cause we may have lost some steam in process. So it is imperative that you set a time frame for which you expect to the job done, and work vigorously towards it.

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