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How To Be A Great Writer On Opera News

Writing an article requires much knowledge, dedication, persistence and lots more. Here are steps below that would greatly help you.

1: Title of your Article

The title of your Article matters a lot, it should have a sense of attraction and should not be far from the subject matter you are writing on. E.g if I want to write an article about maybe "The seven wonders of the world" using a title/headline like "Wow see these stuffs" won't attract more reader compared to when I use a headline like " Science or Mystery: seven wonders of the world". Your title should not be boring and too scary.

2: Understanding The Organization's Terminologies

I think this is where most writers make mistakes. Understanding the terminologies of the organization doesn't only help you earn more money but builds your personality. At this point I will share my story with you to learn. I joined this platform about 3 days ago, I made my first article and it was successful,I wrote my second article, and it was "pending". I thought the word pending meant when people are reading my article. But one day I was curious to know the meaning and I opened my dictionary and checked the meaning only to discover that the word pending meant awaiting confirmation or conclusion. My ignorance almost cost me a lot, what would have happened if my article was rejected. I would have been downhearted and depressed. So take your time to check the meaning of words before you conclude and use them in your article.

3: Formality: Opera New Hub is a formal organization, so therefore use of chatty words may be kind of abnormal,and use of indecent images should be avoided.

4: Personal Goals: Set up personal goal to assist and encourage you to write more. I have a personal plan of writing at least two articles per day. So setup your own personal goal.

5: Learn From Others

They say learning never ends,it means continuous learning needs continuous writing, and continuous writing needs continuous reading. Even if I have a personal goal of writing at least two articles, I still have another goal of reading at least three articles per day. Learning from those who are ahead of you contributes greatly to your writing skills.

Hope you've learnt a lot, don't forget to like,share, comment,and follow .

Content created and supplied by: Bienimiboha (via Opera News )

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