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6 Years Old Boy Gets Bitten By A Dog In The Face While Protecting His Little Sister, He's Now A Hero

Talk about a hero right. Little boy Bridger did not know he will soon become a National hero. When him and his kid sister went out to play at friend's house, he never thought he would return home as a hero.

Bridger and his sister were playing at a friend's house when a dog charged at his sister. I can only imagine what he was thinking at the time, the fear he must have felt. But I believe one thing must have been stronger on his mind; and that is to not let his harmless and defenseless little sister be harmed by that charging monster of a dog.

Where most kinds and even some adults will flee, Little Bridger stood his ground and refused to let his sister come to harm. He was selfless and relentless and he protected his sister.

The dog, furious to have lost his easy prey attacked Bridger, biting him in the face. But Biddger was not worried for himself, for he has saved his sister.

Bridger had to undergo two hours of surgery with over 90 stitches. But he is recovering very well now.

Since his heroic act got to the internet, Marvel stars like captain man, Hulk, spiderman and others have been reaching out to him. Hailing him as a true hero.

Well, now we have our own real hero and not just in movies. What hero name do we call him now? Lol.

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