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Congo D.R is The Country That Produces the Best Music in Africa (Opinion)

How do I define "best music"? Music is an art. Comparing two different music are like comparing two different paintings. If you take a look at these two paintings, which painting among the two is more communicating and appealing?

I understand that when listening to music, the major barrier is language. It is natural for a South African to say that they produce the best music or a Nigerian to brag about Nigeria's music industry. I am a Nigerian and I understand and speak English and French so I think I am in a sort of a neutral ground here.

Congolese music in terms of authenticity is number one in Africa. Congolese music, despite the language barrier, is listened to by virtually all African nations. Congolese music cannot be compared with any music of Africa when it comes to talent, composing, dance and authenticity. Nigeria and Ghana collaborate a Congolese drum with some western trance to create a new sound that can only be played in the studio and not live. 

Congolese music, whether Rumba or Gospel Rumba has remained intact and with creative instruments and meaningful vocals no wonder Koffi Olomide scooped four KORA awards.

I concede, Nigeria and South Africa have got good beats but Nigeria's music is a blend of African and western music while South African music is more beat and less talk. Nigerian and South African artist has bagged more awards but I think it is because both countries have more audience owing to their populations.

Truth be told, music is subjective - everyone has his/her opinion on a piece of particular music but in terms of pure African beat and rhythm Congo D.R. has no challenger. What do you think about this? Which country in Africa produces the best music and why? I would love to know your reactions.


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