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This Arab Man Was Banned From His Country Because Of Being So Handsome

Being handsome or beautiful is a gift I would say. Everyone was in one way or the other created and endowed with this gift and I am made to believe that everyone is beautiful in their own kind of way.

Do you not think so? Dear reader.

Everyone seems to have said a lot about the Arab girls most of the time, but not much has been said about the opposite gender. These set of human beings could get you crazy and keep you wondering if they too walk on this same surface of the Earth as you do. The latter could be said to be a more beautiful set of creatures than the former cause, they go out without makeup and still make heads turn.

I am not literally here to write on the Arab men generally, but I am sure to do that in a much more later article. I wrote this down to discuss on one guy. Just one man.

Omar Al Borkan

  Who said being so beautiful or handsome could be a curse or a problem to the beholder? Well, it could have been, as in the case of this lad.

Omar Borkan Al Gala was deported alongside two other guys from Saudi Arabia, where he grew up, for being 'too handsome'. This happened during a festival in their country, He got a lot of attention from the ladies and their religious police had feared that the female visitors would fall in love with the guys cause according to them, it was their against their belief of having their women interacting with men who did not have any family relationship with them.

Well, that was the story that had gone viral concerning this hottie, to know the true reason why he was supposedly expelled please read further.

But before I go deep, I would first give you an insight of his background. 

He was born on September, 23 1989 in Baghdad Iraq, but spent most of his early days in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Omar studied Hotel Management in school, but he is not known for what he studied.

He is a model, a poet, an actor and a photographer.

After the news of his expulsion had gone widespread, this Iraqi model had gained more popularity than ever, he was called for numerous interviews from one news platform to another, also from different television shows. As a result of this, he was made more famous, he became a celebrity and an online sensation. His followers on all his social media handles had greatly increased. And due to this, at a certain point, he was made The Most Handsome Arab Man and at a particular point in time too, even The Most Handsome Man In The World!

While going on his multiple interviews, he had confirmed the true story for his expulsion which was that during a festival, he was getting too much many attention from the girls due to some of the modelling he had done and the religious police had politely asked him to leave the scene after he had also performed some inappropriate and indecent dances too which he said, had upset some of the girls, and he had described himself to have "......been at the wrong place, at the wrong time......".

Looking at his physique and his physical qualities.

He has the perfect human face..... his jawline and an overall facial attractiveness. His white eagle eyes are amazing..... Just a glance at you would send you shivering. His smile alone too could make you reciprocate without realising that you did so. His long neck, his Adam's apple, I am convinced the ladies would not mind staring at it all day, not to talk of his hairy skin - they sure look like some soft fur are nothing you could compare to.

One thing I love about the Arabs is their modest means and one reason I love about him is that he keeps that modesty. As handsome and as well built as he is, he is not really revealing and this could make you ask 'what's beneath there?' 'what's really inside of there, behind those covers?'. With the way he covers his face at times, not really having that kind of exposure, it would keep you asking for more and wondering what he would really be looking like inside of there and as well, this could keep you yearning to see more of it.

So far, he has not really kept any snapshot of himself with his long hair but the short ones are really something you could 'wow' at.

Not to worry, this eyesome has hot photos of himself. Even at the poolside, this appealing, gorgeous, attractive man would keep you stunned and dazed.

And he has some of the pictures portraying his easy blend with the Western lifestyle

I would simply describe him as 'the eighth wonder of the world.....'.

What do you think? Was the encounter he had actually a blessing in disguise?

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