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Common Korean terms you should get familiar with if you want to impress a fan

Korean movies have had quite a large audience in Nigeria as far back as the dawn of the last decade. Series like Boys before flowers and Playful kiss immediately stole our hearts and had us wanting more. The reasons weren't really far fetched though, what wasn't there to love about Korean culture? From the honorifics, to their manner of speaking to swag and dressing styles.

Fast forward to 2020, Korean movies and pop have had an enduring dominance in the hearts of many with a cult like following of girls (mainly) and even boys who either just adore their culture and lifestyle or go all out as to emulate them. Infact everyone knows at least one person keen on trying to convince them to hop on the merry bandwagon.

In case you ever find yourself wanting to impress a friend or crush who happens to be a Korean culture fan, you definitely want to apply the quickest way to their hearts by getting familiar with these following terms;


This is how you say hello in Korean language. For extra effectives you could compliment the greeting with a quick wave, a sheepish smile and a playful wink.


This is to say goodbye.


Directly translated this means "are you ok?" Or "are you alright?". It can be used to express concern or care, for instance say if she stumbles or nearly trips on something.

"Saeng il chu ka ham mi da"

This is how you say happy birthday in Korean language, if that's a handful to pronounce it sounds like "sing ooh kach mida!"


This means "idiot" or "stupid"


Stop saying noodles, say ramen!


Actually spelt Mhiane, but pronounced instead with a "B" this means sorry.

"Ya - hey"


Yes genius this is an English word, but it's also a commonly used term in Korean movies. It is used to cheer a friend on or even as a parting word.


This means thanks! That being said, Kumaho for reading! Your comments would be very appreciated. Share Korean movies and K pop artists recommendations for the new comers or add any common phrase that is missing in the list.

Content created and supplied by: Sowasayo (via Opera News )

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