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After labelling her a witch and sending her packing, man returns and did this to her

A man has been caught on video after he came to beg his wife to return to him. The man had earlier sent her packing from her home. He said she is a witch.

A video has surfaced online on how a man has chased his wife away from his house. After having a child for him. He then saw that his wife was a witch and decided to chase her out of the house.

Surprisingly for the wife today,the man came to beg his wife and said he was sorry for all he had done. When he came,he had to kneel for the wife and remained that way until the pastor intervened.

The pastor said that she's right if she refuses the man. And she's vindicated by God that she's innocent. The pastor said ,they immediately came after the service to come beg her.

I don't know what is always wrong with men. Someone you saw before you married her. You married her finish and you're saying she's a witch now.

Watch the video here.

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