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Female Yoruba names and meanings

For our youruba folks, whether born outside the country always have a name with which we are praised with.

It is like an additional name(s). Let's go therefore in this journey of knowing the meanings of our oriki

Abeke: This name means that one is begged to be cared and pampered for

Akanke: one that is especially cherished

Alake: One that circumstances had to be overcame to be given birth to

Abike: means to be cared for, protected,and are usually first daughters

Ayinke: one that is meant to be praised or pet

Amoke: one known in order to care for

Abebi: one that was given birth to after so much persuasion

Aweni: one that is to be bathed and possessed

Amope: one whose knowledge is complete.

Awero: one who is covered with wrappers

Abeni: we begged to have this one

Anike: born to be pampered

Abegbe: one who was begged to be carried

Adubi: one who we struggled to have

Agbeke: intelligent, smart and stubborn

Asake: a daughter picked to be taken care of

Ajoke: jointly cherished

Ajike: one who wakes up to be pampered

Aduni: joy to have

Asabi: selected for birth

Ayoka: one who causes joy

Now you already know the meaning of your yoruba name

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