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Funny comics showing girls' struggles in real life

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Being a girl can be tough at times, and Indian artist Amby Vaingankar at 24, knows this for sure. In her hilarious comics, she honestly depicts little dramas and dilemmas that ladies graciously tackle day by day. No matter what happens to the heroine of her stories, she always holds her head up high and inspires us to do the same.

Here at Dumzz we believe every girl should be awarded a medal for the struggles we all face every day. And here are 11 comics by Amby Vaingankar that illustrate those struggles better than any words ever could.

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Number 2 is so relatable to me. Yet again, this is me. This one is so funny. Huh!I never see what the stylist sees. Our talented creator, Amby.

So what are your girly challenges? Share below. Like too.

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