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Rema's supposed girlfriend Nimiie, speaks up on her getting attacked by people.

Nimiie who has been popular since after she went out on a date with the Nigerian teens sensational singer Rema, Has explained to BBC pidgin about her ordeal with people as a result of been called his girlfriend since the date happened.

Nimiie who is a 200 level phisics student of University of lagos, caught a wide social media attention after Rema declared her the winner of his new song publicity repost. Rema made a post on his Instagram account about taking anyone who won his challenge on making a video of his new song named "Ginger me" with the hashtag of the title on a date. And to cut long story short, Nimiie was the lucky winner, hence the date.

But it's been obvious that not so many persons are happy with her date as she came out to clear the air about her and Rema's relationship since it's making a lot of people attack her online.

Nimiie went on to explain that she is not Rema's girlfriend, and prior to the date she has never met Rema. So her outing with him was the first time ever meeting him. She also explained that she is still not his girlfriend and she is very single.

However, Nimiie also stated that she is thankful to God for using Rema to give her this new found fame(she currently has almost 90k followers). And she said she doesn't plan to change who she use to be as she will go on with being her normal self and making her normal plans work out. Here are some pictures of her looking as beautiful as always.

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