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Remember the lovely cartoon “Bob the Builder?” These are some facts you never knew about Wendy.

What did you believe for way too long as a child?

It wasn’t until recently that I made a shocking discovery about Bob the Builder. Specifically, his relationship with Wendy.

For years, I thought they must be married. Of course she was Wendy the Builder! Perhaps, she was simply Wendy the Run-Bob’s-Entire-Construction-Business.

Throughout the first two series, they weren’t even dating. Wendy had a massive crush on Bob, who was an oblivious workaholic.

Wendy was devastated when Bob went to the line dance without her. Luckily, his original dance partner was too slow, giving her the chance to step in and help Bob win the competition—and spend some valuable time with him.

He even blows her a kiss at the end of the night. Maybe things will work out between them.

Rather than with their families, Bob and Wendy spend Christmas together at the end of series two. And from there, their relationship seems to be looking up.

Over the years, they go out for lunch and plan surprises for each other. Wendy even refers to Bob as “someone very special” to her sister. While they still live in different houses, they make the most of communicating via phone and at work.

Bob and Wendy are as wholesome as it gets.

However, over the show’s ten season run, there has not once been evidence of Bob taking their relationship one step further and popping the question to the beautiful blonde in the blue hard hat.

I’m afraid that Mrs the Builder is simply a thing of fanfiction. A childhood fantasy. Something, perhaps, that Bob can’t fix now.

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