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10 Things You Are Free To Do In Nigeria That's Illegal Abroad (Photos)

Although, the country we live in, might not be our dream country, but we have to give some credit when it is due. The Nigeria system has been under a lot of criticism by members of our country even thou we see that the country is not at its best, we should stick with it and be happy we are from this great Nation. Nigeria is our fatherland, it is all we have got.

Well Today in my article I would be introducing to you some acts in which are accepted in Nigeria but not accepted outside of the Country.

1. It is Illegal To Urinate On Streets In Paris: Talk about the capital of France, we often see people in Nigeria, without no discipline or sense of shame, would urinate on the street, this is very bad and you would be penalized if you are been caught in these act in Paris.

2. It is Illegal To Spit In Public in UAE (Dubai): Talking about one of the most beautiful city in the world, it is illegal to spit in Dubai, if caught you would have to pay a fine of about Dh1,000 which when converted is equal to about #102,000

3. Your Child Has The Right To Sue You To Court: Try to Imagine a scene whereby you are been taken to court for just a little thing you did to your child e.g beating him for keeping late at night even if he is older than 18. Note there is a difference between abuse of right and correction. Your Child has the right to sue you in the U.S but such is scarce here.

4. Flogging A Child With Cane In School Is Prohibited In The U.S: We all have some funny stories to tell about some Kind of whips we might have received while in school, but it is prohibited to flog with cane in some parts of the U.S

5. It's Illegal listen to good music in North Korea: In this part of the world you are not allowed to play some kind of Music we term as good here, songs like Brown skin girl, Fem by Davido, Ginger by Burna Boy and Wizkid.

6. It's Illegal to drive black cars in Turkmenistan: What If black is my favorite color? Can I get a black car when I live in Turkmenistan, well the answer is No, because black cars are not allowed there but in Nigeria almost all the colors are accepted.

7. It's a crime to own a car in North Korea if you are not a government official: In Our Country Nigeria, almost everyone wants to get or already have a car, but it is a crime to own acar in North Korea with exception that you are a government worker e.g Military Personality.

8.You can't go to the mosque or church in North Korea: Well you have the right to freedom of Religion and believe in Nigeria, buy you some not have such in North Korea, because the country is an Aesthetic Country. One which does not believe in God's existence. There was a pastor who was killed sometime in 2016 because he preached the gospel.

9. It's a crime to have an opinion in North Korea.: Have You ever been in a newspaper stand? You would hear hilarious things e.g Ronaldinho was taught how to dribble by Okocha and some other things. The even insult the president of the country. If you try such in North Korea you would get arrested.

10. It's Illegall to drive with dirty tires in Minnesota, USA: Have you ever been walking on the road and been splashed with water from a dirty tyre or a nice looking road been messed up because of dirty tyres. We often see some of these in Nigeria but they are illegal in Minnesota in the United States of America.

So what do you think? Which is the most surprising of them all? Drop Comment below

Content created and supplied by: Emmyratesdesk (via Opera News )

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