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Check out these Meaningful and Hilarious Proverbs in Nigerian Pidgin.

Nigerian Pidgin is an English-based pidgin and Creole (a language that is based on French and uses words from African Languages). It is spoken as a Lingua Franca within Nigeria.The language is sometimes referred to as Broken or "Pijin".

So I decided to take a break from the relationship talks and I thought of proverbs in Pidgin. Cool right?

In this article I've got a list of wise sayings in pidgin. They are hilarious yet meaningful. Enjoy 😉

- Craze no hard to form, na the trekking be wahala.

- Because lizard nor im head no mean say everytin dey ok.

- Person wey borrow cloth go party, no dey dance too much.

- If e be like say everybody dey craze"na you dey craze".

- Pastor wey no get money buy gold necklace for him wife go say "all na vanity".

- Na from escort me, escort me naim slave trade start.

- "I hear", no mean say "I gree".

- If girl take boyfriend do husband, she go take husband do boyfriend.

- Because native doctor travel go London no mean say di gods go start to speak English.

- Na when visitor chop for your house finish naim e go remember say time don reach to go house.

- Weather hot no mean say fowl go lay boiled egg.

- Pikin wey im mama back for back cross water, wey say e march fish. Wetin im mama go march?

- Na when trees near eachother naim monkey dey show skills.

- If life show you pepper use d pepper do pepper soup

- Na pesin wey never see problem dey use English pray.

Lemme leave you with this last one from a friend.

- Something no fit bite you from afar, e gats come close

That's all for now My wonderful people... leave a like n comment...Remember to wash your hands and use an alcohol based sanitizer also use a face mask when you go out... Covid-19 "still dey".

Content created and supplied by: NellyOnAMission01 (via Opera News )

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