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See The Real Meaning Of "AZA" "LOL" "OMG" And Other Internet Slangs And Acronyms You Don't Know

The internet has for the past years been a better part of humans and thanks to the fact that it bridges the gap between human interactions irrespective of distance.

Evolving from the normal SMS (text message) that comes with every smart and none smartphones, humans can now communicate seamlessly with the help of the Internet through what we call social media which makes human day to day communications seamless with its ever-evolving features.

Being a better part of human day to day interactions, a lot of acronyms and slangs has emanated from social media to ignite more fun and to create difference between media communications and human to human physical communications.

Just to say ,you'll hardly see anybody using the popular internet acronym "LOL" while communicate with his/her friend in real life. 😁

So let's dive in to the lists of popular internet everyday slangs and acronyms that might interest you.

1. LOL

If you're a regular user of social media platforms you must have noticed without obscurity the number of times people tend to use the 'LOL' word. For the first time you must have pondered on what the actual meaning is.

To get it straight,LOL means "Laughing out loud or laugh out loud".

2. OMG:

OMG is an exclamation. It actually means "Oh My God"

3. WTF

Means "What The F*ck"

4. AZA

AZA is an internet slang that means "money" or "account number" depending on the context of usage.

5. BOO

BOO means "boyfriend"

6. BAE

BAE means "girlfriend"


Means "Laugh wan kill me die"

8. BTW

Means " By the way"

Is there more that you want to know it's meaning? Drop it on the comment box and I'll gladly tell you what it means.

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