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Throw Back Thursday: See The Casts Of Sam & Cat - Then And Now (See Their Recent Pictures)

Can you guys believe it's been six years since sam & cat ended ? Yup, the iconic Nickelodeon shows — aired its final episode on July 17, 2014, and we can’t believe how fast time has flown by!

Well, in case you forgot, the hilarious show took characters from two of our favorite series, and brought them together for one of the most epic and interesting spin-offs in history ! It starred "Jennette McCurdy" as Sam Puckett from iCarly and "Ariana Grande" as Cat Valentine from Victorious.

When the two girls meet by chance, they quickly become best friends. They decide to move in together and start their own babysitting business in an attempt to earn extra money.(who can ever forget the hilarious name of their service "Sam&cat super rocking fun-time baby sitting service").

Naturally, the two of them make a seriously hilarious duo, and they embark on a ton of adventures and stir up lots of trouble together.

Well since it's been 6 years and today is Thursday, I figured, why don't we do a throwback to those wonderful old days ? It turns out they've achieved a lot over the years, let's find out .

1. Ariana Grande played "Sam Valentine"

After the show, Ariana went on to become one of the biggest superstars in the world! She’s dropped 5 studio albums which contained a ton of hit tracks that have been streamed by millions of people(including me). She’s also sold out multiple tours and appeared in the NBC broadcast of Hairspray Life ! She's also made headlines for her numerous relationships .

Last week she won the VMA's Award 2020 for a collaboration with Lady Gaga . And 2 days ago, she became the most followed female celebrity in the world, having a total of 200 Million Followers on Instagram with Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez with 193 and 191 million followers respectively.

2. Jennette McCurdy played "Sam Puckett"

Well, unlike Grande who was no stranger to the celebrity lifestyle during her time in "Victorious". Sam & Cat was just the beginning for Jennette. She went on to star in Little B—hesPet and BlingWhat’s Next For Sarah?Between and Adam and Wiley’s Lost Weekend. And that's not all

In 2018, the actress made her debut as a film director with a short film titled "Kenny". She also became a columnist for Seventeen Magazine briefly in 2014! As for her love life, the blonde beauty dated 'Jesse Carere' from 2014 to 2016, but since then she’s been reportedly single.

3. Cameron Ocasio played "Dice"

Cameron continued to act after Sam&Cat. He starred in a few TV shows and movies, including Command Crash and Love Magical. He’s currently working on a new film called 'Project Pay Day'.

4. Zoran Korach played "Goomer"

Zoran or as he's popularly called, 'Goomer' did not slow down after Sam & Cat. He appeared in NCISScorpionThe MillersGothamTraining DayDonna On the GoThe BraveThe Adventures of Kid Danger, Love SoniaWeird CityBurning DogL.A.’s Finest and more. He also continued his role as Goomer in Nickelodeon’s "Henry Danger".

5. Maree Cheatham played "Nona"

Well, Maree may always be Nona in our hearts, but that didn’t stop her from accomplishing a lot after the show ended.

She went on to star in "Hart of Dixie", "A Moving Romance", " The eves and the Have nots", "Model Home", "Baskets" and more.

See their recent pictures below;

Content created and supplied by: Jrmartina (via Opera News )

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