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Funny Meme : 13 People Your Nigerian Parents Will Compare You To.

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Nigeian parents are the best kind of parents in the world, no matter how much you try and argue against it. With all their dramas, beating and punishment we received from them, it made is the best version of our ourselves today.

Now take a scroll down this meme collection and see the various people our Nigerian parents will always compare us to, because that one of the the major characteristics of every Nigerian parents oh, comparison with other kids or our mate; one of their favorite line " it not your mate that..." 

1. Themselves when they were your age.

I’ve heard. You always came first, we didn't see any prove ohh 

2. Your classmate that “doesn’t have two heads.”

Na wa, ohh just imagine

3. Your friend that always kneels down to greet them when she comes to visit.

On top small greeting? The devil you know is better than the angel you don't know ohh

4. Your sister that graduated with a first class.

What’s my own? Shebi it's her own result 

5. Maryam that got a full scholarship to go and study abroad.

Hay God! Must I follow her ni?

6. Your neighbour’s daughter who is now a doctor.

I don't like blood please leave me alone.

7. Mrs. Owolabi’s son who has a Masters degree and is working in one oil company.

Kidnap him na.

8. Your first cousin that is about to finish his PhD.

Come and carry me

9. The Imam’s daughter that always wears her hijab.

What is it sef?

10. Pastor Bankole’s son who is a worker in Church.

Chineke! That one that I saw in club that day

11. Your cousin Dami who has already married.

Na she sabi.

12. Your family friend that has already given her parents a grandchild.

Am I her?

13. Emeka that just bought his mother a tear rubber car.

Go and adopt him na.

Content created and supplied by: TheIronside (via Opera News )

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