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Bone Breakers: See Amazing Photos of African Quartet that is taking America's Got Talent by Storm

America's Got Talent is a platform where many talented individuals can showcase their talent to the world. Year in year out, you will see different kind of acts that will amaze you.

There is a group of four individuals (men) from Africa, Guinea to be precise and they are called Bone Breakers. These guy are really talented, they can bend and twist their bodies. For me since I have been watching AGT, I have never come across such Talent

These guys discovered their talent at the age of 7, they realized that they can bend their bones in an extraordinary manner. They were inspired and they later decide to take Contortion as a full time career. Here are some of the photos below

There is one act that one of them can do that I have never seen before, he can turn his neck almost 180 degree

These guys met in a circus school. There are sometimes that we will meet people, and we just develop a strong love and bond for these people, that was what happened to them. They met each other in the school and with time the bond and chemistry between them grew and they decided to form a group.

They love doing yoga before every of their performances. One thing that Yoga helps them to do is that it helps the to maintain their flexibility.

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