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Yorubaaaaaa Yoruba people can't correct someone without adding insult as a suffix.

1.Do it like this,ODE.

2.Press the red button,OPONU.

3.Hold it for me, DIDIRIN.

4Give it to your brother, AGBAYA.

5.You can't greet person, ALAILEKO.

6.Go and take your bath, OBUN.

7.Go and do your assignment,OLODO.

8.You better wake up, OLOORUNIYA.

9.Yago lona funmi joor, ARINDIN.

10.Iwo ni mo n pe, ADITI.

11.Stop writing on the wall, BASEJE.

12.You just forgot what I told you, ALAKOGBAGBE.

13.So the one you ate is not enough,OLOUNJEIYA.

14.Who put your mouth there,SALIU ELENU GBORO.

15.Is that where I asked you to put it,ASUNU.

16.I know you are laughing already, ONIYEYE.

17.Give me my money joor, ONIGBESE.

18.Where are you coming from, ONIRINKURIN.

18.You cannot sit down in your,TOJUBOLE ERAN IYA NURU.

18.Where are you sweating like this, ELEREEPA.

19.Who called you now,ONIRANU.

20.You cannot slap her back,ODE.

21.You did not wash the plate,OLE.

22.You did not the next thing to do about,APODA.

23.You want to use your own to spoil my life,ALAKOBA.

24.Did I asked you to eat it,ÒLE

25.You cannot stay in one place,ALARINKA

26.You did you beg from him,ATENU


Don't laugh alone put smile on someone face by sharing it to them.


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