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If Your Girlfriend Keeps Asking You For Money, Do These To Quench Her Lust For Money

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Women can be so frustrating in this life especially when it comes to asking for money and other valuable jewelry, they are considered as troublesome people who can spend all your money without leaving a dime for you. That's why our people say " Fear Women Whenever you see them" because if you don't then are slowly digging your own grave.

Just imagine my girlfriend asking me for money four to five times a week, what the hell! am I plucking the money from a tree or has my father's name changed to Bill Gates. We call that selfishness, So I have deeply think about this, I am a man and I know most men are going through the same situation too, that is why I decided to provide a solution to that in this article.

1). Never tell your girlfriend how much is in your bank account so she does not know how broke or rich you are, this can be a very big problem to you, so try as much as possible to avoid keeping her update by not letting her know the exact amount in your bank account.

2). Never share your business details with your girlfriend, some people have the habit of telling their girlfriend when they will be expecting money, sharing details like that is like calling a bee to come and lick honey, what goes on at your workplace should stay at your workplace.

3). Don't ever let her economize you on your own money you labored for, some guys like falling for that smile and a little peck, know when to shout at her, show her it's not easy to make that money if its that easy let her go and sell pure water on the streets.


Never be that person who allows women to destroy your life, this is what caused many downfalls of most men in this life, be wise, be vigilant and choose the right partner.

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