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30 Idioms You Should Know, With Their Meanings.

I wrote about 30 Idioms yesterday, and I really appreciate you guys for following me on that, so as I have promised you earlier to publish more of this in my next Article today, first... I will just say sorry to you all, for it's coming to you late already, you know actually I should have posted this earlier but Let me just call a spade a spade - The fact is that I have been so serious this days 😂...

Before dropping Another important 30 idioms with their meanings again today, I will like to brief you within a short while so that we could all remember what an idioms is likely to be.

I explained Idioms as ; a group of words - whether phrase or sentence which must be learnt as a whole to understand their meanings. It's quite impossible to understand the meaning of an idiom from the meaning of each of the words considered separately.

Now ,let's take a good look at this 30 Idioms today with their meanings, and I promise to keep updating us on more of this in my next Articles, and that depends on how much we take this so serious with ours.

30 Idioms with their meanings:

1. To pack bag and baggages

To move with all one's belongings.

2. To throw in the Towel

To accept defeat and end the contest.

3. To shed Crocodile's Tears

To pretend to be very sorry.

4. Rome was not built in a day

It takes time to achieve great things.

5. Under one's nose

Under one's close observation.

6. Strike the iron while it's hot

Do the right thing at the right time, when

It's easy.

7. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown

Rulers and people in authority have a lot

of work to do always.

8. To fall out

To quarrel.

9. On account of

For the sake of.

10. To fly off at a tangent

To change one's opinion, feelings or

Actions suddenly.

11. To throw in the sponge

To accept or acknowledge defeat.

12. To be caught red-handed

To be caught in the very criminal act.

13. To hold the purse strings

To have control over finance.

14. To have an axe to grind

To have some selfish aim.

15. To lose one's bearing

Not sure of one's position or situation.

16. A bird's eye view

A general view.

17. To pull the wire

To use influence to achieve something.

18. To take to arms

To go to War.

19. To turn the tables

To reverse something e.g Judgement.

20. To pay off old Scores

To revenge for a long standing Offence

21. A Skeleton in one's cupboard

An evil Domestic secret.

22. A man of straw

A poor man without without financial


23. To kiss the dust

To die.

24. To be the backbone

To be the most important.

25. To see daylight

To begin to understand.

26. Above all

Before anything else.

27. To gain ground

To make progress in one's activities.

28. To become a bad egg

To become a worthless person.

29. To rough it

To bear the hardship and


30. The Apple of Discord

The cause of the dispute or


Thank you for reading to this very stage and also for trusting in me that I won't ever disappoint you all at the end... I promise to keep you updated on more of this often, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the Comments box below, Thanks.

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