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8 Handsome Men Aged Above 50’S Prove That Age Is Just A Number

8 Handsome Men Aged Above 50’S Prove That Age Is Just A Number

We have all heard of this cliche while growing up that age is just a number. But there are people who are quite certain to prove this adage right.

Age doesn’t hold them back it rather motivates them to keep up with life. Their fitness is comparable to any young turk. Their only desire is to make people go wow when they happen to catch their look.

They are stunners to say the least who have refined age and looks in this glory phase of their lives.

Today, we bring to you set of those men who have kept the looks game going strong even at the age of 50.

1. Shan Michael Hefley

This 57 year old doesn't live by the rules. He is someone who has aged in reverse. And the best part is he doesn't seem to slow down any time soon.

2. Alessandro Manfredini

Taking the good looks quotient to an altogether different level is Alessandro Manfredini.

This 53 year old defies age conventions as expertly as anyone out there.

3. Eric Rutherford

He is known for his brilliant fashion sense. You could see why women still drool over him, even though he has comfortably passed the age of 50. As they say, some things surely get better with age.

4. Anthony Varrecchia

We might not blame those who think he is Pierce Brosnan minus the missus.

He matches him style for style and has certainly upped his looks game with every passing year.

5. Gianluca Vacchi

This 53 year old is a complete scene stealer. A millionaire who became one thanks to his family's wealth. He is a ladies man and he never complains.

6. Chuando Tan

Another 53 year old who joins this exclusive club is Chuando Tan, a photographer from Singapore who attracted the attention of the whole world by not only taking photos of other people but his own photos too.

7. Philippe Dumas

This 65 years old is quite ironically the oldest in this list.

But as you may see, his charm and style has not waned even a wee bit.

8. Milind Soman

This 54 year old supermodel has been in the list of handsome men for over 3 decades now.

Such is the charm of the man that, women till date go weak on their knees when they see him.

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