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23 rib-cracking memes and jokes that will leave you rolling on the floor.

23 rib-cracking memes that will leave you rolling on the floor.

Hello guys, it had been quite a long time since I posted an article. I am sorry for keeping you waiting and I am now back to continue to fire more at you. The reason why my memes are better than others is because they are not just funny but they are also relatable. They are mostly about things that happen or happened to us. So my memes are always the best to post on your social media handles. So, before you proceed, I'll advice you to follow me so than you don't miss out. So as usual, let's get straight into the work without wasting our precious time.






18 . My neighbor was setting the voice recognition password of his mobile phone, suddenly a nearby dog barked and ran away. The man is still looking for the dog to unlock his mobile phone.

19. Just this evening, I heard Sister Success failed her exams, I wonder what l her name is for.

20. Ok, Ladies sometimes when you see a guy staring at you it's not that you are attractive. It could be your makeup is not matching your neck.

21. When white person gets to the tenth floor he will be like "what a nice view from here" but African will be like "imagine falling from here" 

22. I think at your age you're supposed to know that it's not all Dstv dish you see on people's house is working, some are there to block thunder. 

23. English : And the man left angrily

SHAKESPEARE: His face summoned a great frown with burning abdomen, using his veins as prey, his leg lifts with a baffled desire and gravity works diagonally under his movement, his face was decorated with wrinkles as the door appears closer, the sun sparkles as he moved into it from the wooden door..........Oga Shakespeare avoid me please.

I hope you didn't forget to follow me because you'll miss a lot if you don't. So click the follow button right now!!!!!

Don't let me repeat myself again!!!!

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Ok Sister Success


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