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When Greed Will Not Allow You Marry Your Size: See 20+ Funny Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Loud

We all came into this life and found out that it can be so stressful and worrisome at the same time. On many occasions, we feel bad and angry not just because of ourselves but about the challenges happening around us.

Though we are all human beings, so its natural to feel unhappy and aggressive but, that is not the ultimate solution. As long we are still existing in this world, troubles and temptations will always keep coming.

However, what matters most is how do we ease those sad moment? O yes, we ought to beat down the sad moment and make ourselve happy once in awhile to keep body and soul moving. According to scientists, happy and smiling people always look younger and lives longer.

Therefore, because your well-being means alot to us, we have lots of funny memes and pictures to help you ease those worries.

So sit back, feel relax and have fun. Here we go:

1.Maybe we will stay at the backyard.

2.My brother if these kind people ever come to stay in your house, they will not just finish your food stuff but just be ready to be sucking your toilet pit every two weeks.


4.It's only God that knows the kind of damage they will give to this bus.

5.A child that says his mother will not sleep, him too will not sleep.

6.Covid -19 bye bye to you.

7.Seriously eeh, this powder has PhD in deceiving people than yahoo boys.

8.That must be our Nigerian Mom, they are secret detectives.



11.When weed has decided to be your body and soul at the same time.


Olodo in making.

13.Maybe you resemble her late boyfriend.

14.When greed will not allow you marry your size.

15.Or are you helping the owner in keeping it?


17.Some people seriously need a hard knock from Satan.



20.Is it now a crime in Nigeria to help people?


22.Are you alright my brother?

Please comment below which of them made you laugh loud.

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