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Creativity at it's peak: look at pictures very realistic looking cakes!

According to Google, creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas craft something.

Creativity can come in different forms and formats. Inventions, art, makeup, painting, music, food e.t.c. just name it depending on ones talents and skill set.

Creativity always piques peoples interest, which is why I was drawn to this very one.

Recently a picture of a cake made in form of pounded yam and egusi soup has been circulating round, I didn't believe it was cake at first. The creativity is astounding

Another picture has surfaced and it shocked me even more. Check it out:

It is rice and banga stew cake!

Crazy right!?

At this point anything can be cake.

Check out more impressive pictures of realistic cakes below

i wonder who would eat this rat cake sha!Imagine taking a bite and finding out it is cake not chicken!

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