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Check Out 5 Disney Princesses' Real Life Doppelgangers (Photos)

1. Arianna Quan (Mulan)

Photo Credit: Google

When Arianna Quan was crowned Miss Michigan in 2016, everyone couldn't help but notice her striking resemblance to Mulan. The Chinese American beauty queen can practically be Mulan's twin. They both have the same eyes, the same round face, and identical smiles. If Arianna ever decides to retire from the pageant world, we're pretty sure she could make a living as a Mulan impersonator.

2. Skyler Vallo (Rapunzel)

Photo Credit: Google

The picture above is the photo of Rapunzel and (her real-life doppelganger) Los Angeles actress and model Skyler Vallo. Skyler Vallo was actually even hired by Disney in Anaheim, California to play as Rapunzel at the amusement park.

Photo Credit: Google

All it takes is 15 feet of her hair extensions and a Rapunzel costume and Skyler was a dead ringer for the Disney princess. They even have the same wide smile, a similar eye shape, and the exact same hair color.

3. Sherri Lansang (Pocahontas)

Photo Credit: Google

Filipino model Sherri Lansang of California may not be the same ethnicity as Pocahontas but they have the same facial features, the same olive complexion, the same eye shape, the same lips, and the same beautiful hair. Sherri works as a registered nurse and we're pretty sure that she gets stopped in the hospital's hallways all day long with people mistaking her for the Disney princess.

4. Lydia Lewington (Elsa)

Photo Credit: Google

One of the most popular Disney princesses, Elsa from Frozen has a real-life twin sister. Lydia Lewington of Reading, Berkshire discovered she resembled the ice princess after dressing up in an Elsa costume to entertain children at a local mall.

Photo Credit: Google

The registered nurse posed for pictures, and eventually, parents began hiring her to come to their children's birthday parties. Lydia takes her resemblance to Elsa very seriously, as she has watched Frozen over 30 times so that she can really bring the Disney princess to life.

5. Olayinka Mia Noel (Jasmine)

Photo Credit: Google

Olayinka Mia Noel of New York dressed up as a princess Jasmine for Halloween and her photo was so shocking that the image went viral. People all over the world began telling her just how similar she looks to the Aladdin character.

Photo Credit: Google

She says Jasmine was always her favorite Disney princess, and after purchasing her $10 costume, she realized she was definitely twinning with the Disney princess.

Which of one these real-life Disney princesses is your favorite? Let's hear your thoughts.

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