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Be careful of who you call your friend: Here is what a lady posted online that got people reacting

Here I brings a post which was made on the internet that has gotten so many reactions.

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The post below was made few days a ago, by a lady

See the pictures below;

This Pictures has resulted to different kinds of comments.

See what people comments below;

"Agabi" Commented

She's real and opened. So many of us are doing this in the secret. Most of the pastors we run to for help do this.

"Josephine Dedon" commented

Please will it bring money if Yes please my friend and I are interested if I like make I lost ten thousand friends e no concern moreover they aren’t useful.

Another user "Okundia Queen" commented

Everyone has the right to live their lives the way they want it and the way it pleases them. So most times it's better to leave people with their choices. It's the path she has chosen.

"Sly Twain" commented

So idemmili now has a photographer? Oh mehnn this one na upgraded idemmili... anything you have faith in would work for you... if you like carry broom and start worshipping it'll work for you... some assistant Jesus Christ's will come for me

See the screenshots of the comments;

Now that you have seen the above post, can you tell us your opinion about this post.

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Agabi Josephine Dedon Okundia


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