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Meet Beautiful Transgender Buchi Alexandra Who Was Recently In A Brawl With Cross Dresser Bobrisky.

When it comes to transgender and someone who is a cross dresser, there's a slight difference many people do not understand. A cross dresser is someone who is a non transgender who dresses in clothes worn by woman. A cross dresser talks, uses makeup, walk and act like a woman. In the past this act could be said to be used for comedy, disguise, comfort and what have you?

While on the other hand, a transgender or transgender people have different gender identity or expression which is different from the one they have from birth. So therefore they see the need to have a transition from their natural birth sex to a different one. Sometimes from we have trans men and trans women. In Nigeria, we have found this transition happen from male to female.

One would say that the likes of Bobrisky and James Brown are just cross dressers although there have been a rumour of popular cross dresser Bobrisky having a surgery soon to transition into a transgender. Bobrisky has been a very controversial cross dresser ever since he began famous and has had a brawl with so many celebrities over the years for one reason or the other.

Popular cross dresser who has transitioned into a transgender recently called out on Bobrisky and James Brown to stop giving the transgender community in Nigeria a bad image. Buchi Alexandra popular known as Deevah used her Instagram handle to record a video where she passed the message to both Bobrisky and James Brown.

She called on Bobrisky by his birth name "Idris" that him and James Brown who calls himself the "Princess of Africa" are the ones causing problems for the transgender community in Nigeria and concluded by telling them to "Receive Sense". Buchi Alexandra also known as " Deevah" hails from the south eastern part of Nigeria. She happen to be one of those who can be said to be a transgender after she did the normal transition.

She is also a popular Instagram model who is quite famous on social media. She has a private Instagram account but does know how to entertain her audience and fans. Her beauty has mostly intrigued her fans. That's why most times people find it hard to believe that she was one a male. She's a fashion model who has represented the transgender community in Nigeria in many transgender pageants.

What do you think about her beauty?

Content created and supplied by: Kayceejournalist (via Opera News )

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