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Husband and wife relationship

Remember The Lady Who Got Married To Her Dog? See Her Now

Marriage is the legal uninon between two people to become husband and wife. I have seen a lady in a strong relationship with a man and leading to their marriage, but never in my life have I seen a lady in a serious relationship with an animal that would lead to marriage. There is indeed nothing new under the sun.

The dog is like any normal animal, but it's loyalty and honesty made it special in diverse was.

Do you remember "Elizabeth Hoad" who married her own dog? The couple is now reffered to as wife and hound. The marriage was done live on TV. It was said the audience were uncomfortable with it. When asked why she married her dog, she replied regarding her usual marriage. She said many men have runied her life. She had had her heart broken so many times. 4 failed engagemens and 220 dates, she vowed never to to marry a male human. Logan, her husband and dog was adopted a year ago . He had saved her life many times and had been with her through out her failed relationships


In her own words, "A man can love you but a dog will always love you'

What's your take on this? 

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