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Opinion: Whitemoney might have decided to avoid Queen so he does not share votes with her

Recently, Whitemoney and Queen had a mild altercation whereby he's angry that Queen confessed that he would want to have an affair with him and also Cross. Although Queen quickly apologized when she found out that she really hurt his feelings, Whitemoney still gave her a little cold shoulder and also seemed to be avoiding her afterwards, even though he consented to forgiving her.

Avoidance of votes sharing

Although the housemates are oblivious to their fan base, deep down, they also seem to know who the real competitors are, and those that could probably be gaining from their relationships with others. Whitemoney perhaps feels Queen could be closer to her because he could be a major competitor, and to avoid the issue of sharing votes during the final week, he decided to keep avoiding her, so it will be clear that they are independent of each other.

The game is getting tougher and only the smarter can come out triumphant, and Whitemoney seems not to allow anything to deter him from the ultimate grand prize that brought him there. Although they later slept on the same bed last night, despite his reluctance to accept her back fully, what do you think about their union?

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