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After Odumeje Was Spotted Spraying Money On Chinyere Udoma, See Mixed Reactions From Her Fans

Recently the Popular Gospel singer, Mummy Chinyere Udoma dropped an amazing video on her Instagram page, where Odumeje was spraying money on her while they sing and dance together.

The video scene was actually amazing to me, as my attention and interest were wholely captured by the music and their happy mood while dancing.

Below are some pictures from the video:

I never thought of any thing wrong with the video until I decided to visit the comment section to know what people were actually saying.

The truth is that I was totally discouraged at some comments that some people were making concerning the video.

Infact almost all the fans of Udoma condemned her for dancing with Odumeje. Most of them said the love they had for her has automatically depreciated, while some said they were disappointed at her; just because of the video.

Then I wondered, and I'm still wondering, what could really be wrong with the video? Is there anything wrong dancing with Odumeje?

As I scroll through the comments, my attention was caught most by the fan that said she would unfollow Udoma on Instagram immediately, just because of the same video.

Below are People's comments on the video:

You can as well watch the video HERE

Just as in my reasoning, I was still able to find people that had the same view with me, there on the comment section. I'm pretty sure that there would be nothing wrong with, "Udoma dancing with Odumeje." 

Just like one of the fans said; what if Udoma was invited to the program, of which Odumeje was separately invited as well? Does it mean she would have not allowed Odumeje to come close to her music instrument? The answer is capital NO! Musicians don't behave in such manner.

I'm an instrumentalist, I know how musicians or lovers of music behave. A musician or a lover of music can never meet a fellow musician performing in a program without grabbing a little chance to perform with the instrumental. 

So I think that may be what has happened in this case of Odumeje and Udoma.

But even if people think there is anything wrong in associating with Odumeje, I still remember that it is not in our power to judge any human being, because it's only God that knows who is righteous; hunan beings can not really say who is close to God or who is not close to God. 

Even in the Bible, Jesus Christ associated with the sinners because he came for the sinners, and he believed the best way to win their souls is by associating with them.

Please let's change our perceptions and mindset!🙏

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